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Born in Iran and completing his education in Israel, Daniel Ahdut, studied at the Wingate Institute of Sports in Netanya, Israel as part of his military service commitment to the IDF. He served his country from 1977 – 1980 and graduated with certification as a Military Director of Sports and Fitness Education. Working extensively in sports coordination and fitness, Daniel developed his lifelong passion for sports and physical education and therapy.

Moving to the US, Daniel Ahdut and his family settled in Washington State where Daniel attended Walla Walla Community College and graduated in General Studies and Physical Therapy Pre-requisites allowing him to enrol at the University of Puget Sound for a degree course in Physical Therapy. His complete commitment to studying in English as a second language, and academic success led to Daniel being awarded the Elks Club Award for Academic Success during his time at college.

After his graduation in 1986, Daniel started work as a physical therapist and though he has worked for a number of prestigious physical therapy organisations and private companies, he has gradually been drawn to the business development side of this thriving and competitive industry.

Daniel Ahdut founded Family Physical Therapy in 1990 and developed an effective business model for the successful practice. In 1995, he joined MVP Physical Therapy where he utilized his extensive business development and management skills as a Board Member and Treasurer of Fitness Concepts, a department of MVP. Daniel’s main responsibilities for MVP and Fitness Concepts included equipment acquisition, expansion, staffing, business development and account management for over 16 clinics.

Daniel Ahdut – Business Development in Physical Therapy

Daniel Ahdut’s business acumen and skills have led him almost exclusively to work within the business development and management area. It is his unique ability to understand both the medical and scientific aspects of physical therapy and sports therapy as well as the fundamental business needs of a busy practice. This combination led Daniel to exercise his talents in business development and marketing for ACT Physical Therapy and AIM (Advanced Integrative Movement).

Dan Ahdut has a specific interest in rehabilitative therapy and is currently working to develop a company that fundamentally provides the best physical therapy care in combination with select healthcare providers. His latest venture brings together the very best physical therapy professionals and sports rehabilitative therapists combined with innovative business and marketing.

Dan Ahdut has a lifelong passion for sports and fitness started during his time with the army. He re-kindled his love for soccer while at college and still plays regularly. Daniel is also a competitive athlete and runner, and enjoys hiking and gardening with his family in his downtime.

Active in his community, Dan Ahdut is Congregant at Pierce County Chabad and is a Board Member for the Tacoma division of the United Jewish Communities. An advocate for the state of Israel, Daniel is involved in educational and community programmes in Tacoma and across the state.

Recently, Daniel Ahdut has started with a new group, Epic Physical Therapy, creating a new out-patient physical therapy and massage therapy practice in Olympia and Federal Way, Washington.

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